Regulations for Tyresta National Park

Extract from Proclamation SNFS 1993:4

Within Tyresta national park it is forbidden to:

  • dig, excavate, ditch, dam, fill, bore, chisel, dredge, paint, blast, or in any other way damage the ground or rocks
    establish facilities for storing supplies and materials, including rubbish, except for wood supplies at fireplaces
  • break off branches of, cut down, or in any other way damage living or dead trees and shrubs
  • construct new buildings (including cabins), wind shelters or other facilities
  • construct new paths or roads
  • run electrical or other lines in the ground or through the air
  • set up fences or other enclosures
  • introduce exotic plant or animal species
  • dig ditches or build dams
  • conduct military exercises on terrain outside of installations, marked trails or paths
  • apply plant nutrients or chemical pesticides/herbicides
  • apply lime to ground or water, except in the lakes along the Åvaån River in accordance with an approved management plan
  • hunt
  • light fires at other than designated places; only firewood supplied on site or carried into the park may be used
  • gather collect or dig up plants; picking berries and mushrooms is permitted,
  • operate radios or other sound equipment in a way that is disturbing to the surroundings
  • climb nesting trees, gather insects or in any other way intentionally disturb animal life
  • operate boats, canoes, wind-surfing boards and the like in lakes or watercourses
  • ride horses, except on the riding path along the power line east of Lake Lycksjön
  • ride bicycles in open terrain outside of gravel roads
  • bring unleashed dogs into the park
  • set up orienteering checkpoints, or mark trails with paper strips, etc.
  • conduct organized sporting competitions or training in open terrain outside of marked trails and paths
  • conduct organized camps, except at the designated site at Stensjödal following consultation with the park administration
  • conduct commercial activities.

Rules concerning the announcement of exceptions to these regulations are specified in § 5 of the National Park Ordinance (1987:938).

Notwithstanding the prohibitions noted above,
it is permitted:

  • for personnel of the national park administration to maintain and improve trails, and to carry out other measures in accordance with an approved management plan;
  • for personnel of the national park administration to operate vehicles in connection with the maintenance of trails;
  • for officials carrying out duties related to health care, police work or emergency rescue to use dogs and appropriate vehicles where necessary. The national park administration shall be notified prior to any such use, if possible in advance:
    to track down and destroy injured wildlife, and for that purpose to use unleashed dogs;
  • to maintain existing power line corridors following consultation with the park administration;
  • carry out water-regulating measures in accordance with point 1.2.5 of the management plan;
  • to conduct environmental monitoring in accordance with approved programmes, and in that connection to take necessary samples, use boats and land vehicles, and make markings on the ground and trees.

Proclamation SNFS (1993:4) concerning regulations for Tyresta National Park
Based on § 4 of the National Park Ordinance (1987:938), and following consultation with the Stockholm County Administrative Board, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency proclaims the [above] regulations for Tyresta National Park in accordance with the second paragraph of § 5 of the Nature Conservation Act (1964:822).

Effective date
Proclamation SNFS (1993:4). This proclamation shall come into effect two weeks following the date of printing. (Date of printing: 18 August 1993.)